Prototype HST Norfolk Bound

Prototype Power Car 41001 and 125 Group’s Mk3 coaches have been given a wash and brush up at their home base of Ruddington GCR(N) and early tomorrow (Thursday 31st March) will be heading for the Mid-Norfolk Railway to take part in their diesel gala this weekend.

41001 Wash and Brush Up

The HST will be departing from Ruddington at 0645 to Rushcliffe Halt where an ensemble of English Electric class 50 locomotives will meet up and haul train to Leicester Depot with schedule 5Z50 0910 Hotchley Hill to Leicester. After some shunting 41001 and the matching Mk3s will depart as part of the convoy heading for deepest East Anglia, running as 5X50 1210 Leicester Depot to Dereham via Oakham (1305-1326), Stamford, Peterborough (14/02), March, Ely North Curve, Thetford and Wymondham (1549-1554).

Full schedules for the movements can be found courtesy of Realtime Trains here:

These are the planned timings, routing and traction, all of which can change at short notice on the day subject to operational constraints, and the train may run early or late!