Mark 3 Trailers

The following Mark 3 HST Coaches are currently part of the 125 Group fleet:

  • 40730 – GK1G Trailer Restaurant First Buffet – acquired November 2020
  • 40741 – GK1G Trailer Restaurant First Buffet – acquired January 2021
  • 41057 – GH1G Trailer First – acquired November 2020
  • 41067 – GH1G Trailer First – acquired January 2021
  • 42111 – GH2G Trailer Standard – acquired November 2020
  • 42119 – GH2G Trailer Standard – acquired January 2021
  • 42120 – GH2G Trailer Standard – acquired January 2021
  • 42337 – GH2G Trailer Standard – acquired January 2021
  • 44000 – GJ2G Trailer Guard Standard – acquired May 2019


40730 was built at Derby Litchurch Lane (as all Mark 3s were) as TRUB (Trailer Restaurant Unclassified Buffet) 40330 under lot number 30940 and was delivered to Old Oak Common depot in November 1979 as part of the second batch of sets for Western Region services. Initially formed in set 253036, it was later reallocated to St. Philip’s Marsh in May 1984, before a move to Heaton in April 1985 during one of the seemingly never-ending catering car reorganisations. Conversion to TRFB and renumbering to 40730 came in October 1985, before it was reallocated to Neville Hill in September 1988. It remained at ‘NL’ from then, becoming part of the Midland Main Line fleet during the fleet changes following East Coast electrification.


40741 was built as 40341 on lot no 30948. New in October 1980 as part of set 254035, it was renumbered to 40741 in late 1985. Other than a spell at Heaton between January 1989 and September 1990, it has been Neville Hill based for its entire career, transferring into the Midland Mainline fleet after East Coast electrification.

41057 and 42111

41057 and 42111 have a history that is inextricably linked. They were ordered for the East Coast fleet on lots 30896 and 30897 respectively, being the first TF and first TS for the East Coast fleet. Delivered to Heaton in September 1977, they were quickly reallocated to Bounds Green as part of set 254001, where they remained until transferring to Neville Hill in August 1986. A return to Bounds Green followed in May 1988 before East Coast electrification displaced them to the Midland Main Line in July 1991. They remained a part of the Midland fleet since then, with ownership transferring to Porterbrook at privatisation in common with the rest of the Midland fleet.


41067 was built under lot 30896 and as part of 254006 was new to Heaton in July 1977. Having spent its first couple of years flipping between Heaton and Bounds Green allocations, from September 1979 it was transferred to Neville Hill, where it has remained since. Having become part of the MML fleet and transferring to Porterbrook ownership (in common with our other HST trailers) in April 1994, it has also remained Midland allocated ever since, other than a spell on loan to FGW between March and September 2007.

42119 and 42120

42119 and 42120 have an identical history, being built as part of lot 30897 and delivered as part of set 254003. They were new to Heaton in September 1977 before doing the rounds of Eastern Region depots (NL October 1978, HT January 1982, NL May 1986, BN May 1988, NL May 1990). East Coast electrification and sectorisation saw them dedicated to the Midland Main Line sub-sector, where they have remained ever since.


42337 was ordered as part of the last batch of HST trailers on lot 30983, which were destined for the East Coast to standardise formations as 8-car sets. 42337 was one of the few HST vehicles not to be delivered in blue/grey livery, receiving InterCity Executive colours from new to match with the then-ongoing overhaul programme. The first allocation was to Heaton in March 1985; thereafter it has an identical history to 42119/120.


44000 was originally ordered as a TS under lot 30939, but the need to move the guard’s accommodation from the power car saw the bodyshell used to create the first TGS, with lot 30953 allocated for this. Delivered to the Western Region in March 1980, it was subsequently transferred to what later became the Cross-Country fleet at Laira in October 1981. Subsequently reallocated to other depots (St. Philip’s March in May 1986, Craigentinny July 1991), it was back at Laira in May 1998 before becoming part of the shortlived Virgin Challenger fleet based at Longsight from September 2002. As the Challenger project was abandoned that lead instead to a move to Neville Hill to as part of the ‘Project Rio’ pool from May 03. With the end of ‘Rio’ it was transferred to Great Western at Laira in September 2004, before spending some time based at Old Oak Common.

The following Mark 3 locomotive-hauled coaches are also part of the 125 Group fleet:

  • 10202 – AJ1G Restaurant First Modular – acquired July 2018
  • 10206 – AJ1G Restaurant First Modular – acquired January 2015
  • 12087 – AC2G Tourist Standard Open – acquired August 2017
  • 12134 – AC2G Tourist Standard Open – acquired August 2017