Mainline Manoeuvres

43159 has now joined 125 Group’s operational fleet at Swanwick Junction. On Saturday 5th February our power cars 43089 and 43048  worked from Swanwick to Leicester LIP.  Once they arrived, they were wrapped around a collection of Mk3 loco hauled coaches including a MK3 DVT for onward transfer to Loughborough works on behalf of DATS and UKRL, the latter now working out of the ex-Brush works.  Having deposited the Mk3 vehicles, 43048 and 43089 then worked to LORAM’s facilities at Derby where 43159 was attached to the formation and then hauled back to Swanwick Junction.

43159 is seen nose to nose with 43048 after arrival at Swanwick Junction.

Whilst away, LORAM undertook a number of jobs for 125 Group on 43159, including replacement of not one but four secondary springs, a full TPWS/AWS test as well as an Ultrasonic Axle Test (UAT) which was due.

Now that 43159 has completed this move, 43089 has been temporarily stood down for maintenance until late spring.

Much more detailed information will be provided in the next edition of 125 Group’s One Two Five magazine.