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Bringing the Valenta Back

Paxman Valenta Engine S499 in Yellow
Restoring a stored engine like this is no easy task!

It was the engine that transformed InterCity: the Paxman Valenta.

Our aim is to restore production HST power car 43044 with an operational Valenta engine and original Marston cooler group to allow future generations to enjoy the iconic sound.

Inevitably there is a price tag attached. These are just some of the items and costs that are needed to make this possible:

  • Cooler group cardan shaft: £400
  • Valenta injectors: £1,350
  • Oil & coolant: £1,500
  • Engine & cooler lifts: £2,250
  • Valenta fuel pumps: £6,000
  • Turbocharger: £8,500
  • Hire of cranage: £2,500

Your help is needed. Click the button below to make a donation and help restore the iconic sound to a production power car!

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Regular Contribution

Preserved locomotives and rolling stock still have to meet the same standards as the ‘big railway’ especially if they are mainline certified as we intend ours to be! Items which are often overlooked when looking at railway preservation include:

  • Modifications to comply with new regulations (i.e. ETCS for mainline) – £50,000+
  • Vehicle repaint – £10,000+ per vehicle
  • New Wheelsets – £10,000 each
  • New Batteries (MK3) – £2,000 per coach
  • Mainline Certification including inspection – £1500 annually

This is not an extensive list! Signing up to donate by Direct Debit gives us a continuous, stable income that allows us to plan longer term and deal with these items in a timely manner. Sign up today from £5 per month and help us keep the HST story alive!


Volunteers restoring 12134
Restoration and operation of a HST is impossible without dedicated volunteers. Could YOU be one of them?

125 Group is entirely operated by volunteers including the group trustees, we have no paid staff. Thousands of volunteer hours a year are needed to enable your group to operate and preserve a production HST.

If you would like to contribute in a ‘hands-on’ way, we need dedicated people in the following areas:

  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Retail (Catering & Merchandise sales)
  • Cleaning (Onboard and external)
  • Back Office (such as Social Media, IT and Website)

If you are interested, click the button below to contact our volunteering team for a chat.

Other Ways to support 125 Group

Annual Membership: our annual membership options are still available here.

Merchandise: our online shop has a wider range of HST related goods including badges, DVDs & pens. The shop can be found here.

HST Depot Appeal: You can help us build a depot to support long term preservation of a HST here.